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Polenta with porcini mushrooms (bag)

Porcini mushroom polenta it is made by artisans with an intense yellow flour. Porcini Mushroom crumbs are closed in a separate bagthat need to be washed and left in warm water for about 15 minute before adding to the polenta. Without preservatives, this is a simple and natural product of high quality.

3,00 3,50 

Corn flour, dried onion, dried porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis and related group) 2%,dried parsley. Contains sulphites. May contain soy.

Energy kJ 1623 kcal 383 – Fat g 2,7 of which saturates g 0,3 – Carbohydrate g 78,9 of which sugars g 3,6 – Fiber g 3,1 – Protein g 9,3 – Salt g 0,02

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