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Gift box Cena stellata

TRUFFLE RICE 200 g Truffle rice is available in two or four portions. The Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) is preciously enclosed in a separate pouch inside the bag, to be added at the end of cooking. Without preservatives, it is a simple and natural product of the highest quality.

SALSA TARTUFATA 75 gr Full-bodied mushroom sauce with 5% Summer Truffle. Available light or dark. Excellent for seasoning spaghetti or linguine pasta, gnocchi rice or as a filling for turkey or baked chicken or simply served with egg. Also excellent for antipasto crostini.

CARPACCIO 35 gr Sliced Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) in sunflower oil with a delicate aroma and light flavour with hints of spicy flavours. Excellent as a condiment on spaghetti-type pasta but also on red or white meat.

SAFFRON 0.25 g Strictly Tuscan origin pure saffron pistils to be used at the end of cooking for rice, pasta, meat or fish recipes. It is necessary to leave the product to infuse for about two hours in boiling water. The resulting infusion will acquire a golden yellow colour, ready for use.

CIOCCOLATOSA 90 g The traditional chocolate pudding with the addition of truffle, a dessert to be enjoyed straight from the tin. A mouth-watering dessert, where the presence of the truffle creates a sublime pleasure on the palate.


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