Ovoli Mushrooms


Ovoli mushrooms are classified among the most fine varieties of mushrooms for their particular taste and for their multiple application in the culinary art. Known since ancient Rome , Ovoli are mushrooms that are not cultivated and can be collected in many Italian areas in oak and chestnut woods, especially in August and September after the first rains. Technically they are called Amanita Caesaria, they are mushrooms of high beauty and of extraordinary alimentary quality. The Ovulo fungus, presents itself with a more or less open cap of yellow/red/orange colour where on the edge they master the characteristic knurlings, the stem, on the contrary, is crowned by a particular ring where at the base it has a whitish wrapping. These particular characteristics make it very presentable in every type of recipe. Its sweet and delicate taste, accompanied by a traditional dressing such as extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice makes this recipe one of the best dishes of the Italian culinary art and not only.

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