Porcini Mushrooms


Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis or common Porcini) are probably the best known and loved among the edible mushrooms, very easy to recognize thanks to the characteristics familiar to most of us.
The Porcini mushrooms are characterized by a cap with a circular shape that can reach a diameter of 30 cm, with a brownish colour with numerous shades, depending on the place of origin.
The lower part of the cap is usually white tending to opaque yellow in the young porcine fungus, and assumes a colouration tending to green with the passage of time. The stem of the porcini mushrooms is very robust, enlarged towards the base and whitish with brown shades; its flesh is firm, white and does not change color after being cut; the smell and taste of the porcini are pleasant and unmistakable.
These fine mushrooms adapt to any type of preparation. Excellent for creating appetizers, delicious first courses and tasty second courses.

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