Black Truffle
(Tuber melanosporum Vitt.)


The precious Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.) is so called for its dark color that characterizes both the peel and the internal gleba, which shows nuances from very dark red to brown. It has a roundish appearance, very compact warty and can reach considerable size if it finds a suitable soil for its growth.
The period of collection and sale of the precious Black Truffle is between winter and spring, more exactly from November 15th to March 15th, as far as the Tuscany region is concerned.

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The fine Black Truffle releases all its aroma when fully ripe, when the internal gleba is with compact white streaks, very narrow marbled and lively.

Its taste is not as strong as that of the White Truffle, it has aromatic notes that tend to the sweet taste, for this reason it is defined, by experts and truffle lovers, Black Sweet Truffle.

It prefers short cooking, for this reason it is mainly used sprinkled on dishes, which thanks to its particular scent and excellent flavor become works of gastronomic art with an unparalleled taste.


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