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Tuscan courgettes in oil

Tuscan Zucchini, more specifically from Florence area, in sunfloweroil characterized from a simple and natural flavour, with a delicate and tasty flavour of mint, a typical Tuscan ingredient of this recipe. Ideal to taste as an appetizer, but also as a simple garnish for meat, cheese or salami.

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Courguette, sunflower seed oil, vinegar, wine, salt, spice, herbs. Fresh corguette used 90 g for 100 g of finished product. Contains sulphites

Energy kJ 1363 kcal 330 – Fat g 29,6 of which saturates g 3,2 – Carbohydrate g 10,5 of which sugars g 1,7 – Protein g 2,4 – Salt g 1,3

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